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Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height-Boosting Insoles

Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height-Boosting Insoles

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Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height-Boosting Insoles
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goola™ Far Infrared Height-Boosting Insoles are designed to take care of your foot health and help you increase your height!100% Effective Guarantee! If this product doesn't work for you, we'll give you a full refund immediately!

Let's take a look at the customers who have used this amazing product!

"As someone who has always dreamt of becoming an athlete, I knew that height played a crucial role in achieving that goal. However, I felt helpless because I couldn't change my height on my own, and expensive treatments seemed out of reach. That's when I discovered the Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height-Boosting Insoles, and it became my savior. Just after wearing these  Insoles for a few months, my height significantly increased by 15 centimeters. The changes these Insoles brought to me were nothing short of extraordinary. They instilled in me newfound confidence and hope to pursue my athletic dreams. Not only did they boost my height, but they also had a positive impact on my overall body proportion."- Mac Hibbert, 36 Years Old | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"As a 46-year-old man, feeling uncomfortable about my height has been a challenge. These far-infrared height-increasing insoles have truly worked wonders, elevating my life. After a few months of consistent use, I'm amazed by the results. My height has surged from 5'51" to 5'97". These insoles cleverly and almost imperceptibly gradually increased my height until undeniable evidence emerged. The effectiveness of Sugoola™ insoles exceeded my expectations. The comfort and tangible results of these insoles have left a lasting impression. They not only addressed my height concerns but also boosted my confidence. I find myself more comfortable wearing them, and I sense an overall improvement in my well-being. If you, like me, have height concerns, I highly recommend giving Sugoola™ insoles a try—it truly has been a delightful discovery for me."- Pip Summerfield, 46 Years Old | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Prof. Aubrey recommends the use of Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height-Boosting Insoles

As an orthopedic doctor, I recommend using Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height-Boosting Insoles for height enhancement. They harness far infrared energy acting on titanium to promote the formation of titanium ions. These titanium ions react with calcium ions in the body, forming wider and more porous bone trabeculae. This process stimulates the formation of new bone marrow and bone structure. The technology also releases trace ions, promoting blood circulation, stimulating acupoints, relieving muscle contraction, and reducing inflammation. Therefore, this nanoscale coating is an innovative solution to enhance physiological processes in the human body, which is why I recommend it.

How does the Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height-Boosting Insoles work?

The design purpose of the Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height-Boosting Insoles is to promote bone growth, thereby aiding in height increase. These Insoles combine far-infrared therapy and acupressure with the promotion of blood circulation, which helps deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to the bones, supporting their development and growth. By promoting bone health, these insoles contribute to optimizing height potential and overall skeletal well-being.

Specially Crafted Micro IonicTitan Fibers

Specially engineered micro titanium fibers have gained significant popularity in the medical field due to titanium's remarkable compatibility with the human body despite being a non-magnetic metal. This versatile material is extensively employed in manufacturing artificial joints, dental implants, and bone repair materials, among other applications. Notably, dissociated titanium ions possess a unique characteristic that sets them apart from conventional implant-grade titanium, they have the ability to expand the bone trabeculae once they enter the human body.

Far Infrared Therapy

The Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height Enhancing Footbed offers a unique and innovative foot therapy approach. These Insoles are specifically designed for far-infrared therapy, harnessing the power of far-infrared and ion technology. The far-infrared emitted by the Insoles penetrates deep into the skin, promoting improved blood circulation, enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the feet. This therapeutic process helps alleviate fatigue, reduce swelling, and relieve foot discomfort.

Nano-scale Schorl Coating

Schorl, a silicate-rich mineral, plays a crucial role in emitting far-infrared rays and negative ions, making it an essential component for facilitating the dissociation of titanium into titanium ions. Additionally, it acts as a significant carrier for delivering these ions. The presence of Schorl provides a microcurrent effect that boosts cellular activity within the human body, resulting in improved meridian circulation and regulation of the nervous system.


The Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height Enhancing Footbed is meticulously crafted, featuring strategically placed acupressure points on the soles, capable of activating over 2,800 reflex points in the feet. This product combines raised nodules and durable, flexible insoles infused with tourmaline ions, providing users with a comprehensive leg massage and stimulating experience. It effectively promotes overall blood circulation and supports bone growth.

How Do Titanium Ions Promote Bone Growth?

When exposed to far-infrared energy, titanium elements exhibit a robust reaction with negative ions, leading to the dissociation of titanium ions. Within the human body, these ions undergo oxidation when combined with oxygen ions, subsequently bonding with calcium ions to form a novel structure. This process results in an expansion of the gaps between calcium ions, creating wider and more porous bone trabeculae. In response to these gaps, bone cells continuously multiply and grow, generating new bone marrow and bone tissue. This phenomenon is also observed during the healing of bone fractures, where the body generates new bone cells to restore and rebuild the bone structure.

Titanium primarily enters the body through acupoints on the soles of the feet, and then it circulates into the bloodstream and distributes itself to various regions. These regions include growth plates and calcium-rich areas like the knees, elbows, and spine. The result of this interaction is an increase in the porosity of trabecular bone, triggering the production of new bone cells to fill the gaps created. This stimulation promotes the growth and elongation of the legs, arms, and spine, ultimately contributing to balanced and proportionate body growth.

What Makes  Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height-Boosting Insoles the Perfect Solution?

1、FAR INFRARED THERAPY: This Insoles uses far infrared therapy, which uses special fibers to emit far infrared rays. This therapy promotes blood circulation, reduces inflammation, relieves fatigue and helps heal wounds. It has therapeutic effects on both foot health and overall health.

2、ACUPUNCTURE POINT: This Insoles use precise acupressure massage by stimulating reflex points on the soles of your feet to promote more even and gradual body growth, avoiding sudden, unnatural height increases. They also contribute to improving your posture and body alignment, relieving the strain on your spine.

3、IONIC TECHNOLOGY: These Insoles also feature ionic technology, which produces negative ions that counteract the high amount of positive ions in the environment. This technology helps create a more balanced and harmonious environment, which reduces stress and enhances a sense of well-being.

4、PROMOTES BONE GROWTH: The Insoles promotes bone growth through the interaction of titanium ions with negative ions. This process increases the spacing between calcium ions, resulting in wider bone trabeculae and larger pores. It stimulates the production of new bone cells, supporting the growth and elongation of the legs, arms and spine.

5、COMPREHENSIVE FOOT CARE: These Insoles combine far infrared therapy, ionic technology and height-enhancing design to provide comprehensive foot care. They address circulation issues, provide a harmonious environment, offer hidden height enhancement and contribute to overall foot health.

Here are some of our happy customers:

"I was born with dwarfism, which brought countless challenges to my life. In my younger years, I endured merciless bullying due to the noticeable height difference among my peers. I even had to use height-boosting insoles on one foot to compensate. When I came across these infrared therapy insoles, my feelings were complex—hope for change, yet apprehensive of false hope. After weeks of consistent use, I witnessed a significant change in my height, altering my perspective. These insoles showed me that every challenge has a solution, opening up a world full of possibilities. By providing subtle height enhancement and promoting bone growth, this gradual, natural improvement not only corrected my height but also boosted my confidence." - Amelia, London, 31 Years Old | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"All along, picking out the right clothes has been a daily challenge for me, making it quite a hassle due to my height. However, thanks to my friend introducing me to these miraculous insoles, they've truly changed the game. Now, not only have I attained the perfect height, but I can effortlessly choose outfits that fit just right, no longer bothered by the need for alterations. It's truly fantastic! I'm incredibly excited and satisfied with this transformation!" - Elliot Alexander, 33 Years Old | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Product Name: Sugoola™ Far Infrared Height-Boosting Insoles
Colour: grey
Thickness: 4mm
Weight: 0.13kg
Power source: Self-heating
Voltage: 5V
Self-heating temperature: 45 degree

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