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✨ Sugoola™ Thermal Hair Growth Mask

✨ Sugoola™ Thermal Hair Growth Mask

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✨ Sugoola™ Thermal Hair Growth Mask
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Proudly introducing the Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap - designed to address hair loss, dandruff, and other hair concerns, promoting healthy hair growth within 3-6 weeks!

See what our satisfied customers have to say:

“I can tell you, this product works really well! My hair used to grow very slowly. I even suffered from hair loss, polycystic ovary syndrome, and postpartum hair loss, and I felt like my hair was about to fall out soon. I've tried many methods in the past, but they were all unsuccessful. With the Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap, I only need to use it irregularly, and my hair starts growing in 3-4 weeks. It has been several months now, and I can see my full hairline. It has helped me greatly in restoring my hair to its original length. Thank you so much!” -Mindy Hoover, 34, United States

"Deep, and there were noticeable bald spots. With hope and determination, I started using the Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap. In the first week of use, I noticed a subtle soothing effect on my scalp, and each application surprised me with a refreshing, uplifting sensation. By the third week, my hair began to grow significantly, covering the once bare areas. I also noticed that it made my hair softer and more resilient. My journey from despair to hope was filled with joy and relief. The Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap has given me a rebirth and restored a sense of beauty. I highly recommend this product!" -Tanya Malcolm, 35, Canada

Recommended by Dr. Richard Anderson

The advanced Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap has been clinically validated and FDA approved. It's a safe and effective method for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. This technology can stimulate scalp circulation and enhance hair growth. It can effectively reduce dandruff and heal inflamed hair follicles by controlling excessive cell regeneration. The serum included in the hair treatment cap contains powerful, scientifically proven plant-based ingredients that can significantly rebuild thinning hair, boost hair growth tenfold, and combat excessive hair loss. Additionally, it can remove skin flakes and reduce dead skin cells, noticeably reduce the density of gray hair, and restore hair to a younger and more natural appearance. Study reports show that after using the Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap, hair health and condition improved by 89%.

What is hair loss and what causes it?

Hair loss (alopecia) can affect the scalp or the entire body and may be temporary or permanent. It can be a normal result of hormonal changes, illnesses, or the aging process. As one gets older, hair growth slows down, and hair follicles may shrink, leading to thinning hair. Additionally, practices such as excessive styling, tight hairstyles, and irritating chemical treatments can damage the hair and result in hair breakage or loss.

How does our primary solution for ultimate hair growth - Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap - work?
1、Temperature-Sensitive Self-Heating Technology

The  Heat therapy hair mask is a safe, non-invasive treatment method. This  mask doesn't require external heating devices and maintains a consistent temperature that mimics the human body's natural warmth. It uses heat therapy to effectively promote scalp blood circulation, activate and rejuvenate cells in the hair follicles, increase hair density and fullness, and stimulate the growth of new hair.When the self-heating element is activated, it generates a constant heat that activates blood vessels, widens capillaries, and facilitates the smoother transport of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. This contributes to improving scalp circulation. At the same time, the warmth stimulates the hair follicles. Hair follicles are crucial for hair growth, and by creating a warm and ideal environment, the follicles can better absorb the nutrients in the hair growth cap mask, accelerating growth and repair.

2、Serum evenly and precisely penetrates the hair roots, repairing the follicles

The serum contains carefully selected active ingredients with excellent penetrative properties. Through the  Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap, these serum ingredients can penetrate the scalp and reach each hair root precisely, where they directly impact the hair follicles. This process accelerates hair growth and helps repair damaged follicles, reducing hair breakage and hair loss.

3、Scientific and precise dosage of 35ml hair mask serum

Why exactly 35 ml? Because the 35 ml capacity perfectly combines a variety of active ingredients in scientifically balanced ratios. This ensures that every drop of the serum is filled with the necessary nutrients and care elements for the hair. Precisely 35 ml is optimal to cover the hair and penetrate into the hair follicles to supply them with the required nutrients and stimulate hair growth. Hair care demands precision, and that's the pinnacle of the 35 ml  Heat therapy hair mask. Not a single drop is wasted, and every strand of hair is meticulously nurtured to enjoy healthier hair!

This is a 12-week hair growth journey with the Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap.


When I'm stressed, I lose significant amounts of hair. Even when I use the gentlest products, they keep falling out. After relentless attempts and research, from the best dermatologists to various superfoods and vitamins, I was almost desperate when it came to restoring my hair. I was ready to try anything until a friend recommended the therapy hair growth mask cap to me. I use it once a day, for about 8 minutes per application, and every time, it feels like the therapy hair growth mask cap is giving me a profound scalp massage, very pleasant! In the first week of use, I noticed positive changes, and I could see tiny hairs starting to grow.

I began to see encouraging signs, my hair structure became noticeably healthier, feeling smooth and shiny. Most notably, my hair actually started to grow. In front of the mirror, I noticed some tiny new hairs sprouting on my scalp, which got me excited. Although they are still very short, this change was enough to make me believe that the Hair Growth Mask Cap really works, and my desire for hair growth will soon come true.


The problem of hair loss is completely solved! Now I have full, healthy hair that I can color and style! My hair has never felt so vibrant and resilient. Now it can withstand heat treatments, coloring, bleaching, brushing, and curling – and not a single hair falls out! I also love the volume of my hair. It truly adds 'vibrancy' and 'charm' to my outfits – no matter what I wear, I look lovely! Overall, this is a fantastic product for anyone with bald spots, thin, and brittle hair. In fact, it's suitable for everyone, whether you have hair problems or not!

What makes Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap?

  • Nourish, thicken and strengthen your hair
  • Reverse existing damage and prevent future damage
  • Nourish every strand of hair and accelerate growth
  • Effectively strengthen hair and prevent hair loss
  • Reverse the thinning process
  • Increase density and fullness
  • Activate and awaken hair follicles
  • Restore vitality to aging hair
  • Restore the hair growth cycle
  • Revitalize damaged hair

    • The key five ingredients of Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap
      We are proud to introduce our hair mask to you – it's not just a hair care product but a scientific beauty secret. With carefully selected ingredients like ginger extract, highly concentrated proteins and antioxidants, as well as natural plant oils and herbal extracts, our hair mask provides excellent care and repair for your hair.Ginger Extract - Black ginger is rich in antioxidants and bioactive compounds that can promote hair growth and repair damaged hair, making it appear younger and more vibrant. Black ginger is not only beneficial for the hair but also for scalp health. It can reduce dandruff, itchiness, and inflammation while promoting a fresh and healthy scalp. Black ginger is also considered potentially hair loss-inhibiting and can help reduce hair loss and make the hair appear denser.

      Amino Acids - Amino acids are the building blocks of hair, playing a role in forming the protein structure of hair, especially keratin. This helps increase the hair's elasticity and strength and repair damaged cuticles.

      Nano-DPM Patent⁴ - Strengthens and revitalizes the hair. They provide the necessary nourishment to give hair shine and elasticity. Offers long-lasting protection and repair to make the hair healthier and more resilient.

      Rhaponticum carthamoides Extract with Glycoproteins - Promotes collagen production and repairs accumulated hair damage.

      Glycerin - Glycerin possesses moisturizing, hair-nourishing, and scalp-nourishing properties. It helps prevent hair from drying out and becoming brittle, reducing tangling and breakage. This makes the hair softer, more supple, and easier to comb. Glycerin provides essential nutrients to the hair and helps enhance the health and appearance of the hair.

      How to use:

      1. After washing your hair without blow-drying, concentrate your hair on the top of your head and put on the hair mask cap.

      2. gently massage the scalp for about 15 seconds to promote even heat and essence absorption.

      3. 8 minutes after putting on the hair Mask Cap, remove the cap, rinse with water and blow dry.

      4. Only 8 minutes a day for excellent coverage.

      5. Can be used indoors, while traveling and outdoors.


      When can I expect results?
      In our clinical studies, results typically start to become visible within 2-4 weeks. Results may vary. 1-3 months will strengthen the hair from the inside out. You can expect shinier hair with less shedding and breakage. 3-6 months may show an improvement in volume and fullness. After 6 months, you should notice significant changes, such as faster hair growth, increased density, and strength.

      Is Sugoola™ suitable for my hair type?
      Sugoola™ is designed to promote hair growth for all hair types. Although hair characteristics may vary based on ethnic origin, the fundamental causes that affect the hair follicles are the same for all individuals.


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